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July’s Love with Food Subscription Box Review and Giveaway

Love with Food 7/15

The July Love with Food box arrived and per usual, I was giddy with excitement. Snacks on my doorstep? Yes please. Love with Food helps people like you and me discover new organic or all-natural, healthy snacks and they’re delivered to our door every month. There are various levels of membership and as of now I subscribe to the Tasting Box which includes 6-8 snacks every month. For every box they deliver, they donate a meal to a food bank and have donated almost 700,000 meals to date!! Pretty awesome!

This month’s box is themed “Surfin’ USA.” I was thrilled that 6 out of the 8 snacks were gluten free and 2 were organic. The snacks delivered included the following:

  • Kids’ Organic Sour Citrus Chews by Honey Stinger
  • Coconut Almond Curry Granola by Bear Naked
  • Simply Toasted Crunchy Coconut Chips by Bare Snacks
  • Gum Pops by Glee Gum
  • Hawaiian BBQ Chips by One Potato Two Potato
  • True Lemon, True Lime, True Orange and True Grapefruit by True Citrus
  • Lemon Almond Biscotti by Biscotti Di Suzy
  • Organic Fruit Snack by Fruigees


Overall I thought this month’s selection was a 6 out of 10. I couldn’t eat the Bear Naked granola because it’s not gluten-free, but my husband had it and said it was delicious. I also handed him the biscotti which he enjoyed dunking in his coffee. The potato chips were tasty, I loved the Honey Stinger kid chews and the coconut chips are a sweet addition to yogurt, dessert, or a smoothie. As far as the other snacks go, the True citrus packets are pretty flavorless, I could care less about a sucker and I’m afraid to drink the Kalefornia Grape Fruit Snack…I don’t know why, but it creeps me out to drink out of a squeeze pack. So overall, it was a mediocre box in my opinion. I liked three of the snacks, my husband liked two and three of them I either couldn’t eat (gluten free sitch) or just have no desire to. I still think this is a great box to subscribe to even if there is a month where the snacks are subpar. It’s a great way to taste test different brands and discover what you like and what you don’t. It can either encourage you to run to the store and buy a product in full size or it can help you avoid purchasing something you don’t care for.

Once again, I have an extra subscription box that I will be mailing to one subscriber! Yay! All you have to do to be entered is to complete one of the following:

A) Subscribe to this blog if you haven’t already. That’s it.
B) If you’re already a subscriber, just leave a comment below telling me what your idea of a perfect healthy snack box would have in it.

NOTE: You have to subscribe or already be a subscriber to be entered. You can do this in the upper right hand corner of the blog. It’s a breeze.

Winner will be chosen at random through and will be announced within the comments of this blog post. Giveaway ends on Friday, July 31st at midnight. Good luck!


Love with Food Subscription Box Review and Giveaway!

Love with Food Subscription Box

I love a good subscription box, but I hadn’t subscribed to one in a while. I was beyond excited to see a recent deal on Amazon Local for a 3 month subscription to Love With Food for $21.00, a steal. Love with Food helps you discover new organic or all-natural snacks delivered to your door every month. Snacks are free of zero trans fats, hydrogenated oils, artificial colors & flavors and high fructose corn syrup. Love with Food offers different levels of membership and after the 3 month period of my Amazon local voucher concludes, I can stay on the same Tasting Box plan or upgrade to the Deluxe or Gluten Free box. If there is a snack that you absolutely love and need more of, you can purchase the full size version off of the Love with Food website.

Love with Food Subscription Box

Each monthly box is shipped with a theme inside. The June box is “Saturday in the Park.” The snacks included were the following:

  • Northwest Trail Mix by Emily’s
  • Fruit Strips by Sunripe
  • Crazy Hot Popchips by Popchips
  • Everything Savory Bar by Sheffa
  • Rosemary Artisan Crackers by La Panzella
  • Chocolate Chip Brownie Brittle by Brownie Brittle
  • Classic Ice Tea Candy by Bali’s Best
  • Chocolate Banana Health Bar by Kutoa

Love with Food Subscription Box

I was happy that 5 out of the 8 snacks were gluten free as that is a new adventure I am embarking on…(I will post about why I am going gluten free in the near future) I think the box was well worth the $7.00 I spent for it. My favorite snacks were the Health Bar and the Trail Mix. My least favorite was the Savory Bar…it was too dry and lacked flavor. I was surprised to see Popchips in the mix because I don’t consider those gourmet or unique, but I went with it. They were tasty and I had never tried that hot flavor before so it was a win.

I squeal with delight when I receive packages in the mail…packages with food inside make me the happiest though which is why I would recommend subscribing to the Love with Food subscription box. It’s an easy way to discover new snacks that you might otherwise overlook at the grocery store. Plus it’s affordable and they donate one meal per box to a food bank. Use this link to save 40% off your first box!

I have an extra subscription box that I will be giving to one lucky subscriber!! All you have to do is subscribe to this blog and if you’re already a subscriber, leave a comment below telling me what your favorite healthy snacks are. Winner will be chosen at random through Giveaway ends on Saturday, June 27th at midnight. Good luck!




Friday Five 5.29.15

Go Raw Organic Masala Chai Super Cookies-2

Happened to sample these amazing raw food cookies at Whole Foods last week and be still my heart, they were SO good!! I love adding new snacks to my repertoire and these little guys do not disappoint. Check them out for your next road trip or flight!


CSA box from FarmyardWahoo!!! I received my first CSA Subscription from Farmyard, a local organic farm with locations in Phoenix and Scottsdale. CSA = Community Supported Agriculture. I signed up for a 5 week subscription and couldn’t be happier with my first one. Each week I’ll get a bag full of their weekly harvest consisting of a variety of organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and a half dozen fresh farm eggs. This week included Japanese eggplants, yellow squash, zucchini, TOMATOES, green onions, cucumbers and lemons. I love that I am eating fresh, organic, local food and also supporting farmers who deserve it. So far I’ve used my harvest this week to make chicken & veggie curry, a miso & sesame eggplant dish (recipe on the blog soon) and tomato & goat cheese toast w/ scallions. Keep the goodness comin’ Farmyard 🙂


blue zonesI found this NPR article fascinating about the Blue Zones. People in the Blue Zones reach age 100 at 10 times the average rate. There is also an entire website of this research and you can run through their checklists to see where you compare to the people in the blue zones. These people see the age of 100 and all the while remain happy and healthy along the way. A few of the key factors include moving their bodies everyday, sustaining meaningful & nutrient-rich relationships and eating a mostly plant-based diet. Explore the website, it’s super interesting.


Second line parade-2 I survived New Orleans. Barely. Ha! I had a wonderful time at my friend’s wedding and love was in the air. It was heartwarming to see her so happy and full of gratitude. Everyone was dancing, all of the wedding guests along with the bride & groom participated in a second line parade through the city and I tried gumbo for the first time. I have to say, traditional N’awlins food just isn’t my jam. It’s so hard to eat healthy there or at least as a tourist who doesn’t know where she’s going. I tried to squeeze in a couple salads and one morning I scored a solid omelet full of veggies, but failed miserably when I tried a shrimp & grits dish. Pretty sure grits means glue because that’s what my stomach felt like it was full of afterwards. I’ll do more research on the restaurant scene before returning.


Del Real Party-BoxOnly 2 more days until the Del Real Foods giveaway is over. Make sure to enter for a chance to win some yummy Mexican food products, an adorable picnic blanket and a super handy soft cooler. The prize will be shipped right to your front door! Don’t miss out. Increase your chances of winning by doing each of the following by May 31st:

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I have these recipes saved for the near future…
Vegan Spinach Mac & Cheese
Twice-Baked Sweet Potatoes with Bacon Sesame Brittle 
Japanese Restaurant Style Carrot Ginger Salad Dressing 




Healthy Chicken Quesadilla Goodness AND Del Real Foods Giveaway!!

I was craving comfort food last week and had quesadilla on the brain. I love quesadillas and often if I’m dining at a place that doesn’t have many healthy options, I just ask for a quesadilla full of veggies & cheese and can usually be accommodated. This version is full of tangy goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, smashed avocado and pulled chicken. I didn’t feel like making a big production and roasting a whole chicken so I just purchased an organic rotisserie from Whole Foods instead. The variety of meals that can be accomplished from 1 rotisserie chicken is endless and it’s such a simple solution for busy lives. If I can find a shortcut on weeknights, I’m all about it!! Enjoy!

Healthy Chicken Quesadilla Goodness

Healthy Chicken Quesadilla Goodness

Healthy Chicken Quesadilla Goodness

Healthy Chicken Quesadilla Goodness

I used Fire Roasted Green Salsa by Del Real Foods to dunk my quesadilla in and the flavor was perfect. This salsa packs some heat, but it’s so fresh and delicious that I was able to tolerate the heat and continue gobbling my quesadilla.
Del Real Fire Roasted Green Salsa

Del Real Foods is a family-owned company located in California. They have a huge variety of Mexican food products and they were kind enough to send me a cooler full of salsa’s, Arroz rice with vegetables and Chipotle Chicken Tinga to sample. They want one of you to enjoy their products as well and they are offering one lucky Desert Healthy fan a chance to win a party box cooler full of products shipped right to your front door. You can increase your chances of winning by doing each of the following by May 31st:

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2) Follow Desert Healthy on Instagram
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5) Leave a comment by scrolling below to let me know you did all of the above. Good luck!

Del Real Party-Box-Square


Healthy Chicken Quesadilla
  • Handful of shredded rotisserie chicken; skin removed
  • ½ avocado; smash flesh with 1 tsp of lemon juice and salt
  • Sun-dried tomatoes - as many as you'd like
  • 2 oz. of goat cheese
  • 2 Ezekiel sprouted grain tortillas
  • Pepper to taste
  1. Heat grill pan on medium heat on stove top.
  2. Layer one tortilla with the smashed avocado, sun-dried tomatoes, goat cheese and chicken. Grind fresh ground pepper and place other tortilla on top.
  3. Carefully place in pan and cook tortilla until you have grill marks and the bottom tortilla is crispy. Flip and cook other side until you see grill marks as well. Approximately 10 minutes altogether (5 min. per side).
  4. Remove from pan and cut into fourths. Enjoy with your favorite salsa.


What kinds of ‘dillas do you like to eat? If you want to know other variations you can create, leave a comment below and I’ll reply!